10/5/2017 3:18 PM
Pearl Flowers contains 2 color variations.
Clear marble base inlaid with pearl flowers brings a bit of luxury to hallways and other representative rooms, like hotel or restaurant foyer.

Pattern: Stone
10/3/2017 8:36 PM
Eye-catching brown wood floor contains 1 color.
The grain of wood is very distinct and this kind of floor has many possibilities of use. Put the planks in living-room or fill the whole apartment with them.

Pattern: Wood
10/3/2017 4:35 PM
Tuscan terracotta tiles contains 1 color.
Typical brick red and orange shades evoke sunny meadows in warm Tuscany. Perfect for outdoor, terraces, footpaths or rustic homestead interiors.

Pattern: Outdoor, Tile, Masonry
10/3/2017 4:23 PM
Tiles with Greek pattern contains 1 color.
Classic style with typical pattern and light beige shade looks great in hallway, bathroom or a room with inside pool.

Pattern: Tiles
10/3/2017 4:12 PM
Wood floor contains 3 colors. Usable almost anywhere, from hallway to bedroom.
Universal look with three shades of different luminosity.

Pattern: Wood
10/3/2017 3:49 PM
Light stone floor contains 1 color.
Clean, seamless design reminds of a seaside place, great for outdoor, terraces or pathwalks.

Pattern: Outdoor, Stone
10/3/2017 3:47 PM
Soft, velvet carpet conatins 9 different colors.
This carpet fits anywhere and will make your house a cozy home.

Pattern: Carpet